How To Start A Dance Studio With No Money

How To Start A Dance Studio With No Money

16 October 2019 Web Design & SEO Dance Studios Growing Your Business 4
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This DZYNIN guide will answer : how to start a dance studio business with no money. Whether you are a dance teacher looking to start dance classes or seeking management and expansion business ideas; All you need now is a notepad to start your business plan.

Time needed: 3 minutes.


  • Step 1- Put up a sign outside your new business address to advertise your “grand opening”

    Advertising & Marketing can help you gain customers for your dance studio

    growth hacking self employed

  • Step 2- Hold an open house

    This helps increase your public profile, letting local customers know that your studio is open for business
    dance studio open for business

  • Step 3- Notify local media so you can also get coverage

    Local Listings in Newspapers, Both Digital & Offline as well as other conventional local media can help your business get established.

    dance studio marketing

  • Step 4- Create a dance studio website

    Choose a Growth Agency that specialises in Creative businesses, this is why choosing Dzynin is recommended. Dzynin has a track record of curating highly polished dance websites.

    dance studio website

  • Step 5 – Spread the word about your dance studio on social media

    carefully select your digital agency to leverage social media.

    social media for dance studio

  • Step 6 -Have your students perform at community occasions

    This will maximise your PR impact.

    start a dance community

  • Step 7 -Participate in small commercial dance enterprise events wherein you can percentage data approximately the dance studio


    dance studio data

  • Step 8- Encourage word of mouth guidelines to customers


    word of mouth dance school

  • Step 9 –Marketing Your Dance Studio Launch And Beyond


    launch your dance school

  • Step 10- Make your launch an event. After your grand opening, publicize your dance studiodance newspaper advert
  • Step 11- Offering performances for the network

    marketing your dance school

  • Step 12 -Enlisting the help of growth hackers 

    Digital Agencies like DZYNIN have proven to be the deciding factor for many creative businesses
    dzynin dance agency

How To Start A Dance Studio With No Money: The Complete Guide

So you have decided to start a dance studio , but now come the crunch time of calculating overheads, finding locationg, deciding your niche and to top it all you still have to find your customers. It is often best to start with the known knowns, use your dancing knowledge and experience to answer all the other questions.  Let’s assume it’s Ballet that you have practiced since a child ,  what location were your lessons held, and how did you get to hear about them. Although the answers to these questions may seem antiquated, but at a deeper analyses not much is different for a new studio, word of mouth has been replaced by facebook reccomendations & social media likes. They generally speaking still offer both private and group sessions for dance students.

how to start a dance studio with no money

There are two categories you can choose from before starting a studio:

  • Traditional Studio: Usually dancers will learn a specific discipline of movement arts , they vary from hip-hop, ballet or even jazz. This discipline is often for the younger student, although adults can and do take these lessons too. Along with regular lessons, competitions and performances are often organised for students to showcase their talent. Through networking you can ensure the financial costs are at a minimum by organising compeitions in cooperation with your local primary school. This can also provide an opportunity to peak the interest of other parents. 


  • Lifestyle Dance Studio: this type of  dance studio is the antonym of the traditional, it is modern, it’s on the rise and it’s an alternative to gym workouts. It is encapsulated by the greater dance therapy movement which explores stress reduction and therapy through an active dance lifestyle. Typically the students are more mature as compared to those enrolling in a traditionall ballet class but again there are no hard and fast rules for customer demographics in the industry. The variety of disciplines explored by this type of dance studio range from Zumba , aerial skills and numerous exotic dance forms like haka, reggaeton etc. The networking for this type of studio differs from the traditional, usually a mix of industry contacts, social media are key. Check out how we helped one of our clients Essex dance school succesfully employ a unique blend of both these studio categories.


Who Can Run This Business?

Although there aren’t any pre-requistes that bar one from opening a dance studio, certain skills such as having a scholastic experience of dancing and the temperament to teach can go a long way in your quest. Also any experience gained in the wider industry can prove helpfull . Then there are the commercial constraints like location, To even begin the venture you must secure a spacious room or hall to be used as the classroom or performance area. Previous experience as a choreographer, photographer, drama & dance teacher, theater or arts teacher can equip you with trade secrets such as trends that are in demand. Aswell as being digitaly savvy to  deploy the Internet and all its tools for growth.  Check out our guide for those looking to understand the costs of renting a dance studio

how to start a dance studio with no money

What is a Day Like at a Dance School?

Typical day to day tasks  include:

  • Pre-Planning the dance lesson, this would involve referring to your dance curriculum 
  • Conducting your dance lesson, ensuring safekeeping and other checks are done prior and post lesson 
  • Creating and planning student dance performances
  • Troubleshooting questions from prospective students & parents
  • Organising class schedules for students
  • Studio maintenance, including cleaning, upkeep, licences and first aid & hazard upkeep etc.
  • Establishing a brand or a franchise such as those provided by Studio A Dance Studio.

Where Is My Target Market?

An Ideal dance instructor for should be enthusitic towards the art, most have professionally danced. Some instructors continue their professional career alongside coaching .There are many areas one can look for clients, for traditional students it is better to target enthusiast parents and for active lifestyle studios it would be best to qualify those seeking an active lifestyle, for instance those with interests such as health, fitness & beauty.

making money from dance studio

Generally the instructors  don’t necessarily need to have a lot of money themselves, but choosing a location in a wealthier area can help increase successful delivery of your business plan. In an affluent area, residents are more likely to have discretionary income that can be spent on dance lessons, which inturn increases the number of students in each class. When instructors have more students to teach, there will be frequent use of the dance studio for lessons and classes. 

Also Deploying the expertise of a digital agency like DZYNIN can help analyse target segments through the use of digital marketing, as well as establishing a studio software to allow succesfull business adminstration through information.

How Do I Make My Dance Studio Profitable?

The following are three fastest paths to profitablity for a studio owner :

  • First option is to lease out the available studio space to other private instructors. This could be the renting of single alloted classroom spaces , the hallroom designated for performances or competitions or the entire building for a ventures of other types. 
  • Secondly the dance school can also charge dance instructors it employs a facilitators fee for providing dance lessons to its students.
  • Third option is to help students make content for online viewership, this is a long term startegy. But Studios Like Essex Dance School have succesfully deployed this strategy. By generating a good social media presence for their students and marketing their dance videos with the help of DZYNIN.making money from dance studio

How Do I Grow My Dance Studio?

Usually a new dance studio is situated in a building that offers other learning classes and opportunities to the wider community . Naturally, the size of the building space required depends on the demand for dance studio in the community or locale.

Given an area where demand is unproven, it is possible to bootstrap a new studio with just a couple of classrooms . You could grow classes with multiple locations across the region once there is a sustainable subscription of students coming to the dance studio, although this is rare as instructors and student prefer a familiar training system. 

growth dance studio

The Internet has provided a huge opportunity for dance studio owners with the application of management software.

As Internet has become the way we browse & expand our wider interests,It is ripe with opportunity for start-up studios. Dzynin  provides companies an opportunity to cut costs as they have the experienced marketing strategies for new dance space. Their Work for Essex Dance School is especially lauded. 

Furthermore, you can also read our guides on how to growth hack your business.

Skills and Experiences that help you open your studio?

An appreciation for the art form, in all it’s variety is crucial; even if you don’t plan to teach the lessons yourself, knowing your zumba from your ballet is a neccesity. This knowledge also enables you to better co ordinate the lessons & recruit instructors. It is also important to either have first-aid training or to have staff on the premises  that are first aid trained. 

If you require help becoming a studio owner, you can contact Dzynin for a free consultation on all your startup needs. As well as a comprehensive dance studio business marketing essex

Another important skillset that is critical in any creative entrepreneurs arsenal is digital marketing. There are plenty of resources on the net to get you upto speed if you are unfamiliar with this area of entrepreneurs. In a hurry then just click here to check out our dance studio business guides. Including our guide on Why most online businesses fail .


Small Business & Social Media

These days, having a website for your business is crucial, more importantly your social media presence can dictate your online footprint. This is especially true for new creative businesses like photography and dance school where your service can benefit from viral media if deployed correctly. Dzynin has helped many new creative business like yours unlock social media potential via information catalogues and a  cohesive business plan to help kick starting your dance studio business plan.


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