Deciding on a Creative Photography Business Names

Deciding on a Creative Photography Business Names

30 November 2019 Growing Your Business Photography Business 1

how to name photography business

Why A Creative Photography Business Name

Deciding on a creative photography business name can seem a real challenge. You have just realised your calling, and you happen to possess the ability to emote through the medium of a picture. The social network has lauded your semi-professional attempts and now you feel at the precipice. Only one thing remains. Your brand name for your photography business must be distinct and capture your creative mission statement. That’s why it’s neccesary to get your creative juices flowing . This guide provides an Ideagasm for those looking to decide on their creative photography brand name. After many years at the coal face growth hacking for creative & micro entrepreneurs we have discovered some nuggets that can help filter out the weeds.

This guide will help you develop creative ideas for your photography studio as well as several tips on how to properly choose the name for your brand.

Do remember though, If reading through this article doesn’t give you a clear direction for your photography business name, why not consult with DZYNIN. We specialise in helping small businesses grow digitally. One of our premier clients is Capturedbyalex.

This type of business name is also helpful when it comes to your online marketing and search engine optimisation.

Skip to the names matrix if you would like to jump straight into a grid filled with creative photography business names.

What makes a Photography Business Name Creative

What makes anything creative,  an esoteric question that has puzzled the creative and the enterprising since time immemorial. Some say creativity is linked with proximity and some suggest novelty as the prime goal of creativity. 

Nevertheless, The sound of clicking selfies  is now ubiquitous and group selfies are now cultural phenomena. In this context, the paradigm for a creative business name will spur from cultural context, where once polaroid camera was a household product and the subsequent names of polaroid studios reflected the product and the time.

how to name photography business

The Art & The Business

On the off chance that you possess the ability to communicate through the art of photography, and have decided it is your calling; It is time to start-up with your very own creative photography business . Indeed, today the field of photography is highly competitive as it is one of the few disciplines that allows mastery of art and enterprise individualy. In this century of self, photography is one of a few occupations that ranks high in self-fullfilment; and the demand for high – end photography has only meant one thing, your business name should be distinctive and set you apart from the heap of competition. 

When you have decided on your photography startup idea along with your creative photography business name you need a specialist camera and various other instruments required for the type of photography you are pursuing.

Also, when you are arriving into this business of yours you certainly need to keep up a name for your business. The name should be sufficiently great and snappy additionally with the goal that individuals recall it for different events also.

Keeping up a brand name is a troublesome assignment in fact so to make your errand simple we give you certain tips to name your very own photography business.

This blog is going to assist you with selecting adorable creative photography business names just as infectious photography names for your business or organization. We realize you need to pick the best photography names ever. The appealing photography business names can assist you with promoting your business.

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creative photography business

Utilize your conceptualizing abilities You should utilize silliness to choose a specific name. You should think a great deal that what name could be kept which has a touch of sense and imagination in itself.

Utilize your own name-As you are the proprietor and entire sole specialist of the business you can likewise utilize your name and name your business. The clients of you should know what your identity is.

Using Rhyming words is an effective method of promoting your photography brand.

Swear off using specific words-You are not keeping a name for an expert or any high signatory. You are keeping a name for a normal man in this way you should avoid using language or some specific words. Doing so will credit you up in a troublesome circumstance as people won’t appreciate what kind of business you guarantee.

Keep up a name reliant on your specific locale It isn’t indispensable that you may be invested huge energy in each and every zone. You may be extraordinary in wedding shoots so you can name your photography business subject to it.

Use sound judgment In a world stacked with competition you should make  sharp moves and as such get  the best studio name to reflect your brand.

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 Creative Photography Business Names – Weddings

ways to promote photography business

Just as wedding photography is less about the couple themselves and more about the emotions captured; the photography business name should reflect this approach. Below are some examples to inspire your wedding photography business.

Valuable Moments -Mystical Wedding Photography -Love Photo Studio -Dream Photography Studio

Astounding Pics – Best Moments Photographer -Exceptional Occasion -“I Do” Photography Studio

Enchanting Wedding Photography

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Creative Photography Business Names – Portraits

what do i need to start a photography business

In Addition, DZYNIN recommends adding suffix and prefixes like “photos by” or “Captured by” in your business. Also it is possible to incorporate your city or name whilst picking one for your new photography business, including numbers is also a modern trend. We have excelled using this technique for our client CapturedbyAlex

Incomparable Portrait -Appealing Portrait Studio -First-Choice Portrait -Awesome Portrait Studio-Ruler Photography

Flawless Portrait -PortraitPro-ProfiPortrait-Picture Master-Propelled Portrait Photography

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Creative Photography Business Names- A Few Cool Ones

good names for photography business

On the off chance that you are working with a niche photography business. Take a look at these select varieties and consider including something unique to your organization name, for instance, your first/last name, city or specialization.

ProfiCamera-Fine art Photography-Photography Artist -Snappy Camera-Immaculate Photoshoot

Tasteful Photo-Family Photo Studio-Grin Photography Studio-Picture Star-Wow Photos

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Unique Outdoor & Specialty Photography Names

creative photography business names

Furthermore, This rundown of photography business names will be valuable for pros in the cityscape, scene, sports, ethereal, land, inside plan, building and different sorts of outside photography.

Smooth Pictures-Wonderful Exposure View-Beautiful View-Charming Impressions

Emerald Photography -B&W Photography-Experience Photo-Present day Image

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Newborn Photography Business Names

creative photography business

On the other hand if your area of specialisation is new born photography, then you have to choose an extremely charming and infectious photography business name. It ought to be something identified with family and parenthood. The name ought to be reasonable and straightforward, as the customers are searching for an expert in this sort of photography.

Tiny Love Photography -Newborn Photo Studio- Cool Kids Studio

Family Photo Session-Early Moments Shots -Pic o’ Boo Photo Studio

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How to Choose a Creative Photography Business Name?

How to Choose Photography Business Name?

Even though you have just taken the rundown of innovative photography business names for different sorts of photography studios. Now we might want to share thoughts on how to develop your own creative ideas and tweak them.

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The Creative Process

1. Consider Your Specialization

Firstly, It is important to pick one of different photography business names which are some way or another identified with your territory of specialization. For example, “Early Moments Shots” is the name of infant or kids photography business in Chicago. The name “Early Moments Shots” is effectively picked in light of the fact that it urges unexperienced parents to catch those valuable early snapshots of their child’s life.

2. Use Your Name with the Direct Inclusion of “Photo” Or “Print” Or “Capture”

Secondly, you can utilize their subordinate words. This technique has a major favorable position. It enables you to bring out the vital relationship with a particular kind of action. Additionally, there are no impediments for creative mind, since each business visionary has the chance to consolidate the previously mentioned words with other lexical units. Along these lines you can get eye catching and intriguing photography business names, for example, “FotoHappy”, “Photograph Laboratory” or “City Print”.

3. Don’t Overlook the Easiest Way – Use Your Name

Likewise The most freuquent methodology of picking photostudio names is to consolidate your first or last name with the sort of photography you are working with, an example of this is CapturedByAlex. The name of the business marked under one’s very own name is simpler to recollect for clients. Besides, utilizing your very own name, you won’t likely encroach the copyright of somebody’s image name. Regardless of the way that such a methodology is very straightforward, the best picture takers utilized it to name their business.

4. Original Name Which Isn’t Related to Your Specialization

Unlike the previous method, this system doesn’t suggest the immediate incorporation of words identified with the photograph studio specialization. Notwithstanding the way that numerous business visionaries think about this a genuine downside, others want to concentrate on the name resonation, its appeal and quickness. Along these lines, with the assistance of this strategy, such intriguing varieties as “Studio Selfie”, “Grin”, “7 Frames”, and so on were made. The names might be identified with the specialization of the studio or may not. The primary concern is that they are all around recollected and appealing.

5. Consider How It Sounds

In addition,Consider how the name of your photograph studio will be articulated and sound in a phone discussion. All things considered, your supervisors should pick up the telephone and present themselves for the organization. For instance, think about whether it will be simple and demonstrate to articulate the innocence of the organization, for example, CYAN-MAGENTA-YELLOW-BLACK.

6. Include Words to Trigger Emotions

Furthermore, It is a well-known fact that not only the company’s logo design but its name should evoke the emotions. Not just the organization’s logo structure however its name ought to inspire the feelings. A great deal of representatives utilize enthusiastic words in their photography studio names. For example, “Happy Mama’s Moments”. This name will pull in guardians who are hanging tight for an infant. Think about utilizing such words while building your photography business.

7. Use Catchy Phrases

Commonly, the less difficult the name of your organization, the catchier and simpler to recall it is. This is one of the most regularly utilized photography business names thoughts among top picture takers. For better understanding, have take a gander at the accompanying names: Smile Please Photography, Click Time Studio, Events Remembered Photography, Make It Snappy, and so forth.

8. Merge Two Words for a Fusion Name

Above all you can consider a combination name. Most importantly, you should pick two words and afterward join them and see whether they fit together. For instance, two words “Pentaprism” and “Contax” were combined to make a remarkable name Pentax. One increasingly fruitful model is Picsmania. Two basic words “Picture” and “Lunacy” were consolidated to make a remarkable business name.

9. Find Out If This Domain Name is Available

Before you endorse the name of your studio, it is important to check whether the area name is accessible. It is basic for clients to effortlessly locate your official site on the web. Go to Whois to check space name accessibility. Go to Whois to check domain name availability.

10. Check whether the Name is Free

Most important to giving a name to your organization. It is an unquestionable requirement to check whether your photography business name is free so as to stay away from legitimate issues. Direct research and verify that no one is utilizing a similar name right now. In the event that you are going to enlist your organization in your state, simply check the present names of the neighborhood organizations. All you need is to Google the name of your state and Secretary of State Business Search. Here an official state page ought to show up, where you can enter the ideal name and check whether it is being utilized at present.


Creative Photography Business Names –

Flutter Me Shutters Photography Shutter Up Into the Wild Photo Shoots Click and Blink with the Jackson
The Ultimate look photography Delighted Pics Shutters on the Members Art And You In A Flash
Imagix Photo Studio Impression Photography Lens-bians Photography Shutter surprise
vivid snaps Perfect Capture My tilted tripod Happy filters
The People with the Lens Lens Queen X Apertures Photopedia
Photo Phactory Flawless Coral Photo Shoots Tilting perspective Freeze the seconds
Foxy Silver Snapshots The Picture Patch Grand Lens Happy pixels
Perfectly Posed Photo Studio Moonlight Photography Grand Lens Snapperly
Click And Shoot Studio Photo Pick Studio A Fine Portrait Digital Track Lab
Picture Perfect Moment Fade To Black Photographers Click And Shoot Studio Picture perfect
Ambient Portraiture Bracketeers Photography New view Awe exposure view
Picturesque Lensation Picture Studio The smiley picture studio Vibrant shades
The Artsy Lens A Fine Portrait Click a world Space snapshots
A Lasting Impression Nick with his Pic Unleash the creativity Pose I done
Strike a Pose with the Masons Dream Wedding Studios Every click Flashy Filters
Polka-Dots Studios Pristine White Studios Picture bay view Shoot it yaar!

Photography Company Name Suggestions

Photography is an art and not everyone possesses this art so if you are one of the lucky ones, then better make good use of your art and start your photography business by giving it an impressive and catchy name.

Check these Creative Photography Business Names:

Photamora The white room photography
Duo exposures Picture bay view
Stopcam Rare moment
Take a pic Candy click
Lensking Square frame
Photo factory Photo with tripod
Roger’s light photography Kaptured
Second element pics Focus tripod
Twenty-two seconds love Frame fuchsia
Nick with pic Lens reflex

Unique Photography Business Names

There are many different names of photography and photographer names which are unique names for a photography business. We act as a photography business name generator.

Here is a list of creative photography business names.

Special Moments Studio ClicksLensation Picture StudioLove The Full Exposure Pictures Smiley snap Dream Photography
Moments Perfect Capture Event Lens Sensational The Flash Me Photography The Dark Room Portrait Studio Photoberry Celebration Photography Studio
The family Photography Lensation Picture Studio The Artsy Lens Freeze the second Bright Diamond Studios
Awesome Offspring Photography Natural Light Photography Just Shoot Me Photographs Splash work Baby Bee Photography
New View Photography Photo Phactory Mom & Pop PhotoShop Delighted Pics Special Moments Studio
Picturesque Perfectly Posed Photo Studio Picture Perfect Cool Kids Studios Don’t Blink Photography
Mama’s Moments Photography Honey-Lens Pictures Events Studios Fun Family Portraits Shutter’s moment
Captured Moments Ambient Portraiture With Love” Photography Clicks Expert Camera In The Moment Merge memories
Keep That Smile Picture Studio Lens-bians Photography Lovestruck Photography PhotoShop Styles And Poses Digital Get it pics
Flutter Me Shutters Photography The Lens Queen Heavenly Maternity Photography In a Pinch Pictures Tripod buddy
The Picture Patch Laura’s Tilted Tripod Sweet Baby Studio MakerCandid CapturesFlutter Me Shutters Foxy flash
Frame Me Please Pictures Strike a Pose Photo Studio Reflect elements Kiss the Bride Wedding Photography Opensky
Zoomin’ Photos “I Do” Photography Curious caption Wedding Photography Soulful Memories
Bracketeers Photography In The Moment Photography Own filters Photo Shoots Studios Flashes with Scented Candles

A Few More Creative Photography Business Names

We will help you select the photography names not taken yet. A major photography names list here will assist you.

Family Photo session Cool Kids Studios LensesSublime Pearl SmilesPolaroid Captain Picturesque Modern Photo Capture
The Open Studio Friendly Photo session ImpressionPhoto ExpertKeepsake KeepersWild Photo Photoset Capture Crew The Artsy Lens
Special Moments Studio Transformation Galleries Friends Photo Photographers Photo Artist Forever Photos Magic Click And Shoot Studio Classic Shots
Set All in the Family Trendy Captures Hollywood Photo Photographer Flash Fiends Color Shot Studios Photo Pros Perfectly Posed Photo
Lovestruck Photography Unique Snaps Photography Noir Photos Every Moment Studio Cute Galleries Photo Ready The Picture
Ideal Photo session Wow Images PhotosEvents RememberedHigh Click People with the Lens Emerald
Victory Images Idol Photo Ambient photography PhactoryDream PicturesPortrait ProsLens
Vows Pictures Personal Proofs Photo Pick Studio Caption Perfect Photo Moments of photography StudiosPleasing Portraits Flawless Coral Photo
Portraits Picture Perfect Moment Candles Photographers Bright Media Perfect Natural moments Celebration Photography Studio
Click Ambient Portraiture Belle Photography Perfect Click Fade To Black Say Cheese Photo Studio Camera Crew Shutter Up Love
Photo Moments Remembered Bracketeers Photography Super Lens One Cherished Its All About Moments You Shine Vivid Memories
You In A FlashYour First PhotoMoments MadeLens-bians PhotographyZeus Lind Justin Photography Mr. Portrait Cherished Captures Pin Me Up
Photo session Memory Makers Shutters on the Camera MembersVenus PhotoMoment MakerArt And Angelic Blossom Exposures Photo Pros Moonlight Photography Classic
The Wild Photo Shoots Themed Photo Memory LaneClick and Blink with the JacksonsTurnkey Photo Pick Studio PatchCute ImpressionsPicture
Camera Making Memories Pristine White StudiosTeam Photoset Master The MomentInto Refined Golden Captures PerfectFoxy Silver SnapshotsDawn
Wedding StudiosPortrait ProMaking MemoriesPolka-Dots StudiosProfile Color Shot Studio Photography Remembering
MasterMagical MomentsStrike a Pose with the Camera MasonsPortrait SessionMake It SnappyDream Face Print Lab. Queen Elegance Captions Precious Moments
PhotosLucky LensCapture the MomentPolaroid SessionLuxurious LensNick with his PicPortrait Photography Neo Photographer Creative ShootsDiva ShotsPortrait PosesPhoto
Stylish Pics Studios Studio Party PhotosetFlash Parties Weddring Soulful memory pixels Flawless Coral Photo Shoots
Cheese Photo StudioPhoto UpLighted MattersClick Studio CapturesParty Well captured Click Studio Captures
Image PhotographyPhotoProLens Of LightSay CapturesSwim Snaps StudioNew Way A Beautiful Self Portrait Fade To Black Photographers
Fine PortraitPhoto ArtworksIn A FlashA Lasting Zoomin moments Sublime Pearl Smiles Camera Shot Photography

Cool Photography Business Name Ideas

There are many clever photography names which are very cool. A list of creative photography names is given below.

Some cool photography business name ideas are as follows:

Lens queen Camera stop Studio Photogenic Timeless Tokens Stylish Pics
The camera club Photo hub StudiosPicture Delight Instant Photos Portrait
Smile, please Photo grid And Cakes StudioBlack-N-WhitePixel studio
Picture perfect Click time StudioBaby Photo Bliss eleven Quality PixelsBest
Photogenic you We create Photo Bride Wedding Photography Star
Your memories Shutters vivid snaps Flawless Images Serious Moments Photographer three studio Rings
StudioGrand SnapsSnap Perfect Delighted Photography Picturesque Aesthetic PhotoCliento Photo Family Photography Smooth
Shots Impression Photography Glam Photography Picxellence Apollo Photography Snap Captures Catchy
Photo Photography by furla studio Portraits And PosesArtwork Pictures Single Flash Photography Imagix Photo Swim Snaps Studio
Photography Outstanding Studios Snazzy PicsNovel Images Snap ServiceThe Ultimate look Wedding Photographers
SnapsIn a Pinch Pictures Passion StudiosStrike A Pose Special Moments Wild Image Photography
Studio Perfect Shutters Timeless Classics Celebration Photography Sublime Pearl Smiles
Studios Picsmania Camera Mama’s Moments Snaps Celebrity High Click Photography
Simple Picture Star Adventure PhotoCean One Productions Smile Photography Broadway Color Shot Studio
Say Cheese Photo Studio Pictures Cartoon Photo Wedding Capture the Moment
Photography Digital PhotographerMom & Pop Pin Me Up Photography Timeless Treasures Mayo

Still Undecided?

Try out these free business name generators to help spur the creative juices, and if you are feeling lucky why not consult DZYNIN to help you grow your business.

Creative photgraphy business names

Let us make your business grand with some creative photgraphy business names

Vivid snaps Photo phactory
The ultimate look Perfect capture
Lens queen Moonlight photography
The picture patch Click and shoot
Photo studio Polka studios

Creative Ideas for Photography Business Names

Here you will find many ideas for photography names.

Say cheese photo studio It’s all about moments photo studios
Camera Crew Shutter Up Love The picture master’s junction
Color shot studios Camera shot photography
Magic click and shoot studio Ready steady cheese!! Photo studio

Creative Photography Business Ideas

Creative Photography business ideas will help you get the right name for your business.

Remember worthy photography studio Queen elegance captions precious moments
Photogenic you !! The photography club
Stylish pics studio The photography station
Snaps in a pinch Classics celebration photography

Free Creative Photography Business Names Generators

1. Shopify – Website

photography companies names

Shopify is a well known platform that creates software for online stores. The administration additionally offers an extraordinary device that will effectively choose novel photography names. Basically enter the watchword identified with your image and select any alternative advertised.

2. Business Name Generator – Website

photography business names

It is safe to say that you are a working drone who can hardly wait to begin your very own venture? At that point this generator is exactly what you need! Enter 1-2 catchphrases, press Enter and pick among various varieties. What’s more, BNG consequently checks the accessibility of area names by means of GoDaddy. In this way, it is conceivable to get a rundown of accessible areas in a few ticks.

3. BrandBucket – Website – Website

creative photography name generator

Searching for uncommon photography business names? At that point attempt BrandBucket service. This convenient generator offers in excess of 37 thousand instant names. Enter unmistakable watchwords and select one of three classifications: All, Generated or Keyword.

4. Panabee – Website

photography names generator

Panabee is far more than just an inventive photography name generator. This is an assortment of generators which are intended to assist you with finding the correct name for your application, informal community record, area or organization. On the off chance that the choice you like isn’t free, you can pick comparative varieties. The administration likewise offers to pick an area name and check it for accessibility.

5. Names For Brands-Website

photography website domain name ideas

If you are looking for a more complex photography names generator, you have just found it. The site Names 4 Brands offers name generators, name numerology calculator as well as a domain name search. Everything you need is in one place!

5 Free Logos for Photographers

Here are a few free logos which you can use with your photography business names as a printables or for your site/portfolio courtesy of DZYNIN.

1. Free Logo “Minimalistic Lens”

logo for photography business names

A creative logo with a minimalistic camera and a name under it. Is great for any photo in any color.

2. Free Logo “Handwritten Name”

logo for photography company names

A logo where the main focus will be on your name. Ideal for photos on a light background.

3. Free Logo “The Name in the Frame”

logo for photostudio names

This is a minimalistic design with your name inside the frame.

4. Free Logo “Minimalistic Camera”

logo for clever photography studio names

A fairly simple and elegant logo in which there is nothing superfluous. Perfect for photos on a dark background.

5. Free Logo “Bold Camera”

logo for unique names for photography business

The camera that will be clearly visible on a dark background, as well as the ability to put your photography business name.



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